Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hercules the bird.. "No lives were lost"

Creating a third space for Crookid stiks & $tones.. In my precious L.A.B. | workshop.

I must admit to dog style tiredness.
Working on one's own, sifting through anthropomorphic tools and accoutrements, written notes & sketches, makes it not unlike leafing through a photo album, the tax year or having to move shed - Which of course it isn't .. When done | It's done & freed up again .

Hercules in a 'rough' Liston style.. 'In the garden today' - Marina | Dungeness

I had a pressing need to view Gabriel Liston's work in between the stove & the Tea..
He's usually in the back 'o' my mind (with the 'others'..)
But, quite a solace today..

I think it's confidently painted solace that he does... So extremely well

Gabriel Liston | Lastwater

*Careful now* - He bites back...

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