Tuesday 27 October 2015

Buda and Pest (are $tates of mind too) - they just ain't got no sea.

As I'm usually in Dublin I can't be in Dungeness (except in a state of mind) - I was however, in Budapest.

And it rained for eight out of the ten days. 

Which was the boring bit......

Strangely she's looking right.



Time table.

Ottó, the art teacher, and his snail shell accessory.

Groovy late Communist-era Metró seating, on its way out I suspect.

Get yer Friss Felvágott here!

Don't walk your Alsatian type dog here!

Pop tastic!!!!!!

Swimming caps for the people.

Hmmm, lovely - nothing to do with All Hallows Eve, just one of those Occasional Nails type of establishments that ultimately even Uncle Joe couldn't stop.

VIII District, one of the un-gentrified bits.




Guarding the Victator.

Tibi, a human unlike other members of our species - believe me.


I bought a shit-load of great junk, including this alloy wolf which currently graces our front window in Stoneybatter as part of my daughter Fay's Halloween display. (photo by Tibi)

The estate they're (sometimes) in.

The best dog-shit bin I've seen simple, yet pure genius.

32 ab 


Those boots were made for walking.

Moszkva tér.


Buda Castle Tunnel, the Chain Bridge and a bloke who was afraid of me.


What I've always enjoyed about this city is that it still bears the scars of fifty years of communism, vicious street fighting in the second war and the 1956 uprising. Budapest isn't beautifully preserved like Vienna or tarted up like Prague, it has a kind of darkness, and culturally looks eastward as well as in the opposite direction - lots of people don't take to it but I still, after a dozen or so visits, find fresh (old) aspects - I guess it's a state of mind.

I'm guessing that this is an add for hemorrhoids, or, as we call them in Dublin, "Johnny Giles"

Nature ultimately got its way.

Michelin starred.

I asked this bloke if his dog was lazy, but he didn't speak English (why should he?).


Red and white van man.

Patchwork a la Dungeness.

The number 61 tram line - take it to the end.

Station to station.

Leafy, affluent Buda.

Budapesti Metró Line 1.


Market forces.

What the fuck - Post Modern Memphis Style perhaps?

May the force be with you.......

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Critturs | Spoor

Even.. 'El, Dingo' is affronted by the march of relentless gentrification...

Dungeness as a...  State of mind.. Fulness

via: Carretera | Calle | Rua | Strasse | Street | A long road :
 *Contemporary (Madrido)
.. El guardián del barrio..

photos | artist: V. Elena

She says: "... Dogs go out in the morning, midday and the night, to smell and mark. They are fighting against all that is happening in the hood somehow.. "