Tuesday 30 August 2016

Planned Spontaneity ? Inspired by CariseZM

Inspired by the Fabulous Carise Zengerle Murray at the Summer Arts Trail Leicester 2016

Planned Spontaneity ?

Why ?
Why should there be a why ?

Can things be done without a why ?
Can random be random if there's a why ?

Can spontaneity exist if there's a plan ?
Or should it be born from simply chance
Something to hold, embrace and dance

Would some random gift from strangers
Bring fear, alarm and hint of dangers
For chance to thrive , expand and exist
Those feelings, thoughts we must resist

Random gifts, spontaneously given
Holds no burden to receive for all's open not hidden

Random spontaneity is a life of fun, filled to the brim
Splashing over the sides, overflowing the rim
Dripping over the lucky, who look up and not in.

Dive in now, receive a gift and no, don't look for whys
Because when that is done Spontaneity dies.


A Boy Called Mick

(rights reserved)

The Fabulous Carise Zengerle Murray also performs in Mythym with Jenny Hibberd