Monday 30 September 2013

*Los Madridos | Hit the beach*

*Extremely welcome they are too - 'They' will make this kind of stoffe.. To teach us.. Those clever truths..

I Likes it all.. Madrid & the mountain | The Krazie rose garden, the fountain of Beelzebub.. The canary Street ... The 'considered' food - Quite a good 'High up effective train station' Goya the ' true master' - Velasquez.. 'The wicked comedian | 'Royal' showman .. El Prado of course..
*More or less everything, about those.. lovely. Kind & truly warm hearted generous people..

As a travelling man.. I saw it.. (Madrid) in the freezing winter.

Went back in the summer | Winter was the best..

FuN dAH | Mental

The 'Littlishe Kaptain' Is taking a good ol' 'long view' at this *Most excellent* resource.. *Not my image. Ref: - tumblr_mtyayoiR5c1si0joko1_400.jpg

Sunday 29 September 2013

Saturday 28 September 2013

... floaters | on the road ...

*Structural | $lappers

Nothing wrong here... *The new wood on the beach*

+ Skippers Kenny & Joe in the near distance.. Allsafe

The Acers are makin' it allgoode..

Thursday 26 September 2013

An oldy'


Shut that door..........

Sos - age - ies | In chorus (for Gill)

1 & the two, 3.. Boom..

To be sung 'en masse'

* Sausages are.. Ever so sausagie..

They are ofully .. very goode too...


* Sausages are.. Ever so sausagie..

* Sausages are.. Ever so sausagie..


* Sausages are.. Ever so sausagie..

* beat

* BUT, Yah gotter eat yer carrots .. TOOooo.

* repeato fade

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Dedicated to:

For: Caroline, Marc, Victoria, Rowena, Terry, Robyn, Ol' & Tom - Finally took it after years of 'snooty' avoidance ..
*Of interest:
I thought it was a 'badlands' .22 bullet holes - In fact it's a myriad of keyholes. *Just shows you.. *Don't make easy assumptions.. (Yiddisher proverb - VI)

For: Stoneybutter - A.K.A. Greg 'the baker' Dunne (The shoes) - Nicht ballooner..

For: Phraser's ultimate 'Happy dreame' (99?) - (!)

Saturday 21 September 2013

A new arrival

Paddy's invitation said 'please feel free to extrapolate & use it for text musings' which is just as well. 

See - see there... when I was little I climbed up the stairs to look at the great  vapour lamp with its fresnel lens and pool of mercury. The new lighthouse just has an electric bulb
And there - that was where I worked before I went University. Dungeness B was just a hole in the ground, then, the biggest hole you can imagine. No, bigger than that. Try harder. 
Every time there was an accident and someone died, the siren went and work stopped for the day. The men living in the huts went to the pub and got drunk. The rest of us got in the buses and went home - dropping off all along the Marsh - through Winchelsea - Rye - Brede - Hastings.

Friday 20 September 2013


FLOAT | LEAN - Autumn show in collaboration with Helen Gillilan - Paintings, prints, FONT works and constructed interventions in Studio 2.

Projected duration of show: 2 months - (To end on the 1/12/13)

it's all about the buildings


Irresistible constructions

draw the photographer closer ..........

Look inside............


A view.............


Unanswered questions such as

what is this tile clad edifice?

and what is the seagulls's name?

Paddy will know.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

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