Wednesday 31 October 2012


An early morning run (in the car)

Through the glass

Watching the tv through a wine glass.

an early one

foreign shores 
..and a little light in the sky

next door

through a sea mist

looking east

..a little blown about here


sacred ground here

Take your mind off the pain

Protect your creative wounds with the miraculous healing power of a Jesus Plaster.
..... In the studio today

Saturday 27 October 2012

Littlepeople series

Dungeness | Littlepeople/self - Combi hub

Dungeness | Littlepeople - Wrap

Littlepeople series - Moments glimpsed | Photos taken from the window of the L.A.B.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

'Karmic' triggers

Time to get stuck in to some ambitious work in the.. Two dimensions

The all efficient Printspace facility has in actual fact... Re-energised the desire for moving coloured mud around a support on hairy stiks.. 'Paintings are calling...'

When in.. Track 04 - Jimmy Namaste

Saturday 20 October 2012

L.A.B. - Concept for showing in this space


Large all wooden building (wooden canvas covered walls) Several power points - Lighting = top skylights + daylight fluorescents

Showing space - 6 metres by 3 not including generous floorspace for table/floor related work e.g. *Monitors for showing digital/digitised films

Current concept

*Open for discussion* 'Old school' Kodak digital picture frames X 3 built into a floating wall. To be set at the eye level of each artist accompanied by one 'trademark artwork' hung to the right of each designated photo frame - Spaces either side of the wall for multiple mixed work to be shown floor to ceiling as 'informal chatter' + Table/floor/wall mounted monitors to show stills/slideshows/films/video work/text/soundtracks etc...

Thursday 18 October 2012

Studio 2 (concept for showing in winter 2012/13)

Entrance to Studio - 'Stalwartly open' in all weathers *Excluding (solely) northerly wind blown heavy rain/snow.

Interior as a white void... (Southerly view)

'The Tyranny of white' | Endless toil

Concept for showing in Studio 2 | Winter 2012/13

Description Building 10 foot by 8, walls insulated plasterboard/wood, floor antique 12 gauge railway sleepers, 3 power points I high 2 low, lighting daylight tubes/ bulbs + natural light from open door and window, furniture 4 X print 'bin' (one each + one for information regarding artist/show.

Loose concept

More 'free form' than studio one (no common concept required) - A minimum of three works each in any medium, Ceiling or safe floor mounting - One print bin each to show additional or related work (to be mounted and acetated) - One other communal bin for text, description & visitor information

Tuesday 16 October 2012

88 seconds long

..not sure where or how big
but i quite like this one.

and this feels like it could be a biggie..
quite liking the 'curve' of the ocean

Monday 15 October 2012

Pinnacle | Lost world

As winter approaches Mr Friedrich strides the beach..

After the brief ' hot fecundity'

*Thinking about showing this in Studio two alongside a meticulous 'Eiger' painting.

Sunday 14 October 2012


...good old rho 320R
printing hot air balloons in bristol
not sure it does A4 but i wouldn't mind one non the less

Friday 12 October 2012

Precursor to Camera Obscura | BIOD

In the garden today... Hi-res scanning - Fantastic 3D photo machine randomly shows up

*A precursor to the Camera Obscura to be created in the 'BIOD' (White caravan) at Marina

Obscura to be made by Robyn Banning

*Related - Camera obscura

From out tharre | New light

New light

Beacon | Homecoming - As seen from La Manche 'out there' for definite inclusion in this winter show.. *Probably in the L.A.B. - Left side, tall wall.

*Related* - Photo taken from the fishing catamaran Annalouisian serving..... The Dungeness Fish Hut

Thursday 11 October 2012

Covet | logs


Rocket stove

Capital instruction

Covet | logs

Self explanatory narrative triptych - For possible inclusion in Studio 1

Related - Build your own..... 'Rocket stove'

Step by step (In photos with written description)

Diogenes | Dungeness

Image for possible inclusion in Studio 2 - What makes a house/home ?

Diogenes | Dungeness

Resonant objects, Pearl - Circa 2008 - Gone but not forgotten or, 'to catalogue an ever changing world'

Sound photograph | Photo in sound

Photos in sound....

I can only imagine how the wind in the wires, banal announcements from the power station, fog horn blare, the tidal 'rush' etc would appear in this form....

unnamed soundsculpture from onformative on Vimeo.

On the web .. * film unearthed By Oliver Schofield

Tuesday 9 October 2012



Mad professor, Scratch Perry

Letterboxes of the world | Dungeness

Letterboxes of the world | Dungeness Rd * 'In the night' - Encountered resonant objects *

Image for possible inclusion in Studio 1

Studio I - Concept for showing in this space

Studio 1 - White lined wooden building - Provenance: First erected & used from the 1920's - Moved to 'The Lade' beach in 1963 used constantly as a boat | winch shed 'the last one on the Lade' - Moved to Marina, Dungeness beach in 2000 in constant use as a showing space | sanctuary - dimensions * 8 foot by 6 *

Concept for for Crookid stiks 'n' stones - Multiple images (photos and media glazed & framed)

* Resonant objects encountered on the beach *

*More images of Studio 1

Monday 8 October 2012


Spent the morn in an 'ospital in Greater Manchester
and found these lovely blue felt notice boards 
..all faded like

Keith Arnatt - Man reacts to | absorbs landscape - (Not my photo)

Originally uploaded by Paddy Hamilton

The mighty, funny & profoundly subtle Keith-Arnatt - * Inspirator for CROOKID STIKS 'N' STONES collaborative show at Dungeness Open Studios.

Keith Arnatt seminal - * NOT my Photo.. *refs for up coming-show.. *



Oliver Schofield, Robyn Banning, Paddy Hamilton

Crookid stiks 'n' stones... *welcome aboard*

Welcome to Dungeness Open Studios | Crookid stiks 'n' stones.

A sketchbook/open resource for the creation of a winter show in four showing spaces on Dungeness beach.

Address - Dungeness Open Studios, Marina, Dungeness Road, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9ND

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