Wednesday 31 July 2013

Teasel mound

Teasel mound, just the Weld, Evening primroses & Mullein to go in a natural progression..

Ragwort | benweed, tansy ragwort, St. James-wort, Ragweed, Stinking Nanny/Ninny/Willy, Staggerwort, Dog Standard, Cankerwort being eaten to the bone by the brave yellow striped caterpillar (Dennis menacus) this year.. *Hooray*

Monday 22 July 2013

Bring on the rain...........

Dungeness from Camber Sands at sundown before the heatwave that is somewhat persistent.......

Delighted to be a new contributor to 'Crookid'.

Roll on some rain clouds............ so much more fun for photography.

Jet | Relentless leaper

He could genuinely do this....


Thursday 18 July 2013

On the burning beach

Remote wildfires cause drama and difficulties for the emergency servives -

A spark/ember from the little train..