Friday, 22 March 2013

Anthropomorphic dalliance..

I'm just going to *Go with it... *

The longtime resisted anthropomorphic dalliance..

Might not make the wall.. For 'allgood' | sensible reasons... (!)

I've added a Quid | nugget as a foil... One result of *'steppin'* on the beach. To be seen through a.. Salty blasted keyhole shard..

That might just, clinch it.

*To step - Beach manifestation - Tidal action clears all shingle to reveal the compacted mud | shale layer - 'Over time' heavy metals such as Gold | silver make their way down through the shingle & fuse with the mud..

*Tossed out wedding rings & coins etc sit openly on the brittle mud - Ready for discovery by the Wily 'Steppahs' who know..

This top 'Local wisdom' - *Very generously shared by Mrs Moate of the much missed mighty 'Pearl' Cottage

'The Pearl | Smokery - *House fit for a fairy tale*... "No lives were lost"

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