Saturday, 27 April 2013

Press release - Crookid Stiks & $tones - Current show at Dungeness Open Studios, Kent, U.K.

Dungeness Studios’ evolving shows in Studios 1 and 2  have branched out this spring to include still photographs from the beach and there’s a chance to see work shown in a third studio space - The 'L.A.B.' The show, Crookid Sticks ‘n Stones, runs from now until June 20.

The painter Paddy Hamilton and the filmmaker Oliver Schofield express their vision from the beach in this unique insight of Dungeness.

Dungeness is a photographers’ dream but the pair look under the landscape, away from the light and onto the ground with the painters’ and filmmakers’ vision.

Paddy Hamilton commented: ”I use photography for reference for paintings and prints so have built up quite an archive of work. I realised that the visitor to Dungeness would never be able to scratch the surface as deeply as I have been able to - If only because I live in the landscape all year round and am often on hand when the most remarkable things occur.

“Sometimes humerous, often poignant and always beautiful - I hope that everyone that comes to visit will enjoy the show and come away with a new perspective.”


Notes to Editors

Images of the work on show & interior | exterior views of the studios can be found in.. 'Older posts' within this blog - For Hi Res versions *Contact us"

Oliver Schofield, born in 1972 in Bradford, has been taking photographs since he was eight years old. Inspired by the vast Yorkshire countryside his early images were mainly landscapes, and details within. At sixteen he studied Photography at Kingston upon Thames and then in Ashington, Northumberland, by which time his interest had moved on to documenting the people around him.

Since 1995 Oliver has worked as an independent Director of Photography for Television and Cinema.

His interest in the still image has never left him as he continues to shoot mostly on film, using a Graflex XL 120 medium format camera.

He now lives in Clapton, London but spends a great deal of time on the beach at Dungeness.

Oliver Schofield - 2013

Paddy Hamilton

Lives and Works on the Beach and his art reflects all that is around him. His comprehensive technical skill is effortlessly utilised to produce paintings and linocuts of the utmost carefree beauty.

"Dungeness is a landscape that encourages and satisfies our human yearnings - undefined, persistent, often wistful or melancholy. My work may joyfully reflect this sentiment."

My Father was an avid photographer, I first learned to develop analogue photographs at art school then subsequently, suffered under the regime of taking images for glass slides of perfectly lit, square edged, colour balanced records of my paintings.

Digital photography arrived.... I moved to Dungeness Beach (A comparable desert wonderland to the Kalahari of my early years) These two developments collided to create a renewed interest in the photographic image as more than just a means to record or make specific reference material for paintings.

My approach to photography, painting, drawing, printmaking and commissioned work embraces an earthy conceptualism. The intention is always to avoid the unnecessary and make work without complication or the need for lengthy explanation. "That which surrounds us" is the basis for the work -  Landscape, the human form, flowers, a shared experience, abstract ideas, colour and the medium itself are all worthy subjects for exploration. Prints are thematic without a conscious style - some projects reach a conclusion - others are self-sustaining with endless variations on a common theme.

Paddy Hamilton - 2013

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