Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dungeness in the rain. Keeping warm. 2013


  1. Blow heater switch... On... *TURBO*

  2. Actually a coherent | causal kind of synchronicity in this..

    I've been taking 'soggy shots' all day .. \Cos that's how 't is.. (!)

    Only the one for the woirlde to see -

  3. &, No rectangular - Post Judie Schturmer - It lies to the side..

  4. I got all prepared to venture out in the rain a take a walk on the pebbles..did I? No!! I shot out the window with the heater on full!

  5. Allgood & a correct move.. Was ghastlie fro' time to time..

    I want the 'Rectangle' back on the slip road - Let's lobby the .. Councillors | English naturers .. (!)

    Q.. Know any that hang 'roun' that golf club..


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