Friday, 29 March 2013

'Finishing off' the L.A.B. | STUDIO 3 - *Full show ON in the three studios*

Dungeness Open Studios -
Three open studios on the West-side beach. All work on show is made to a standard finish in a third studio to the right of Studio 2 and completed over time in early morning sessions in these buildings. Studio 1 is used as a 'clean space' for colouring and printing relief prints. Studio 2 hosts part-time residencies for invited visiting artists and is used as a showing space for new projects or as a viewing space for individual works seen online. L.A.B. | Studio 3 - is used as an impromptu showing space for new projects.

Generally as soon as paintings, prints or drawings are more or less completed they make their way here prior to purchase or further exhibition. We do not consider these spaces to be a 'gallery' as such, more a public extension of a continuing working practice enabling the preview of work in a clean and organised environment.

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