Thursday, 18 October 2012

Studio 2 (concept for showing in winter 2012/13)

Entrance to Studio - 'Stalwartly open' in all weathers *Excluding (solely) northerly wind blown heavy rain/snow.

Interior as a white void... (Southerly view)

'The Tyranny of white' | Endless toil

Concept for showing in Studio 2 | Winter 2012/13

Description Building 10 foot by 8, walls insulated plasterboard/wood, floor antique 12 gauge railway sleepers, 3 power points I high 2 low, lighting daylight tubes/ bulbs + natural light from open door and window, furniture 4 X print 'bin' (one each + one for information regarding artist/show.

Loose concept

More 'free form' than studio one (no common concept required) - A minimum of three works each in any medium, Ceiling or safe floor mounting - One print bin each to show additional or related work (to be mounted and acetated) - One other communal bin for text, description & visitor information