Saturday, 20 October 2012

L.A.B. - Concept for showing in this space


Large all wooden building (wooden canvas covered walls) Several power points - Lighting = top skylights + daylight fluorescents

Showing space - 6 metres by 3 not including generous floorspace for table/floor related work e.g. *Monitors for showing digital/digitised films

Current concept

*Open for discussion* 'Old school' Kodak digital picture frames X 3 built into a floating wall. To be set at the eye level of each artist accompanied by one 'trademark artwork' hung to the right of each designated photo frame - Spaces either side of the wall for multiple mixed work to be shown floor to ceiling as 'informal chatter' + Table/floor/wall mounted monitors to show stills/slideshows/films/video work/text/soundtracks etc...


  1. ..couple more photo frames arrived
    with the fearless postie last week
    All tested and humming nicely

  2. Nice one Mr Ol,

    I have quite a collection of 'Doorstop style' computers, all non - LCD.

    *Mebbe we could get them going.. ? - *Could be primal... *

    Would help to heat the L.A.B. if nothing else 91)


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