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The Old Lockup | Cromford


Link to dropbox via: @Gogowhippet  on Twitter..


Upload at will, drop them in, do

Fellow artists, it's time to select or make three pieces of work for
our up-coming show in 'Lovely Derbyshire'.

Our work will meld alongside the fine artists from the 'North' to be
hung from Thursday 28th of July until 1 August, 4pm. Films or stills in digital format are welcomed as we have an area set aside for showing, close to refreshments. Please contact Matt Rowe as he has a dropbox set up for uploading to his super projector that he has kindly made available to us. Upload deadline: 18th July 

Contact him here: -  very easy & simple to do.

Dependent on who is travelling up to Cromford, your work should be sent via courier or Parcelforce.. guaranteed to arrive a few days
before the 28th of July. Parcel to Include: Your C.V. + a brief
description of your practice, intentions for work, prices & contact
details.. Also email these to me with photos of the work and I will
post them up on Crookid blog - with full accreditation

(I generally use: P.O. Parcelforce) :

Allreasonably priced trusted couriers on comparison site here:

+ Mark parcel 'SOUTHCOASTER 28 '

Full address:

Attn: Rachael Pinks | Southcoaster

32 Water Lane, Cromford, Derbyshire DE4 3QH

If enough of us are travelling up.. Dungeness Open Studios can be a muster station for taking work by car if space is available.. *(Please let me know if you have any spare room in your vehicle),

*Also: I would be more than happy to share all the costs with anyone who will be driving up (Minimal luggage, no dog..) *

Otherwise, the train fare (Return) via Kings Cross around £61 if
booked in advance 2 changes | 3.5 hours to Ashford -> Cromford  - (2.5
hours from London)

Accommodation: I shall be taking a sleeping bag a toothbrush and a
tent, there are other options of course..

The Lockup's resident curator | Rachael Pinks 

Contact her through Twitter:  for email, phone etc.

She is happy to give her local knowledge tips & tricks re: 
The building and it's amenities  etc.. 

Let's keep it real smooth !

*Please let me know what your intentions are re: all of these points*

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes: Paddy Hamilton



An easy goin'.. Sincere invitation to show as a group to all Crookid $tone contributers + invited guests...  Just, the.. 3 pieces..  each + films...  + Digital work.. Not a big space but, resonant with importance and the trigger of the industrial revolution... (Arkwright style)

Dates are now, firm: 29th to: 31st  July, with possible extension to: 1st of August.. Hanging would be a day prior + Take down in the morning after..

Best campsite -

Needs: A projector for the 'Kitchen films'..

+ Allnow provided, with the generosity of: Matt Rowe 

Confirmed artists (so far): Rachael Pinks, Martin Heron, Matt Rowe, Paddy Hamilton, Helen Gillilan, Terry Greene, Ol' Schofield, Vinca Brown, Andrew Ashton, Fraser + Karen Donachie, Marc Christmas, Dead Gull A. K. A. Martin 'The fish', James Marsh, Gregory Dunn A. K. A. 'Stoney butter', Gareth Simmons A.K.A. (Budgie) + more to be confirmed until, critical mass is achieved..

Confirmed sponsors (so far) *Thank you*: Romney Marsh Brewery - web:
+ + On this site:

*Costs are minimal... However, it would be nice of us to club together to buy a piece of equipment that would benefit the studios there.. 

I favour, that we also, 'club' together for a Minibus and show up.. With sleeping bags, cash in wallets + our work in the back..

We will be *welcomed* in Cromford.. Also it's the best time o' the year.. To show...

Rachael Pinks (Lock up Curator) wrote | provided information...

Dates: 29th - 31st July - can extend it if you'd like to 1st Aug? And open on 28th July - evening - what ever works best.

Studio will be clear from 28th July for hanging etc.

Photo's - I've attached as many as I can from varying angles - hopefully they will match up to the plan - which is approximate & not in scale..

Walks: surrounded by them - throughout the Dales & Peak District: best get some maps. A few areas that I like - Goyt Valley, Derwent/Lady Bower Reservoir, Snake Pass, Lathkill, Edale: Mam Tor and the Lords Chair and the ridge, Cromford Canal, Slinter Wood, Black Rocks, Shining Cliff Woods, High Peak Trail.

Places to stay: 

Grey hound hotel (Cromford), 
Pig of Lead (Cromford)
The fountain (Bonsall)

These may be pricey...

I don't have any equipment for film projection etc. Sockets: there are approx 6 sockets in the studio  and 2 in the kitchen.

lock up - access is via stone steps (approx 10) to the top floor.

"The Old Lock Up Studio is in the beautiful and historic Derbyshire village of Cromford. The building itself is steeped in history. As it was previously owned by Sir Richard Arkwright in the 1700’s when he used the building as the village jail, one of the first of it’s kind in the country, hence it’s name.
Cromford is within the UNESCO World Heritage Site and this small Derbyshire village is where the industrial revolution began.
Testimonials | Old Lock up studios:

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