Tuesday, 24 June 2014

times are changing........

old house

old house , new house
new house

I finally made it back after 6 months absence (on the other side of the world) for a little 'ness therapy.

Dead huts after the winter storms.

New austere designer accommodation.

Times are changing.

Black is the new red.

Green tea the new PG

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I'll have a cup of builder's please.


  1. *Aha - I'm a.. Rose pouchong toiype of guy - beyth'wey

    As well as the.. 'Usual questions' that I'm aggressively bombarded with.. "Bleak in the winter" etc, etc..

    As a Doktor of medicine you'd kno' all about that.. So.. (!)

    The thing that escapes the new architectural wonder ghouls is...

    It's not a renewal, 'they' assume that it is allnew..

    .. Something else
    had to be erased to make the glossy magazine worthy new build..

    OF INTEREST.. The groundbreaking architects call our hand made dwellings - "Shacks" or "Bodge vernacular"

    An Architect driven "hand made dwelling" has to re-named as a.. House

    We all wonder..

  2. we do indeed...............rose pouchong............now there's fancy.......

  3. *It's Fish related.. Herren DoKtor.. That 'pouchong' is | $lam that on the table


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