Monday, 16 December 2013

That word... Bleak...

*A handy guide for journalists/bloggers.

 Alternatives to the overused...  Bleak Dungeness pejorative | descriptive prefix

*If you are still stuck any half-decent thesaurus will help -

*Type the term - Bleak Dungeness into any search engine - (I used google and tried to read through the full 23 pages of suggested entries)

 Try it yourself.. 

*I gave up in the end as the tone was mostly similar - I can see the 'Ness connection to the general 'Bleak'  - Dunge NESS | Bleakness..  Dickens etc.. 

*Still lazy 

Good song - No video is betterer - lacks Bass     Out of it's time | Not unlike the tired ol' Bleak word.