Monday, 16 December 2013

That word... Bleak...

*A handy guide for journalists/bloggers.

 Alternatives to the overused...  Bleak Dungeness pejorative | descriptive prefix

*If you are still stuck any half-decent thesaurus will help -

*Type the term - Bleak Dungeness into any search engine - (I used google and tried to read through the full 23 pages of suggested entries)

 Try it yourself.. 

*I gave up in the end as the tone was mostly similar - I can see the 'Ness connection to the general 'Bleak'  - Dunge NESS | Bleakness..  Dickens etc.. 

*Still lazy 

Good song - No video is betterer - lacks Bass     Out of it's time | Not unlike the tired ol' Bleak word.


  1. ... phew! Just checked me photostream and the b-word is unused. According to the "fount of all knowledge" (wikipedia) Dungeness stems from 'dangereux nez' in the language that shall not be spoken ... zut alors! those frenchy peeps have named our paradise! ...

  2. That is an ecumenical matter... Etymology is a fluid thing


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