Saturday, 21 September 2013

A new arrival

Paddy's invitation said 'please feel free to extrapolate & use it for text musings' which is just as well. 

See - see there... when I was little I climbed up the stairs to look at the great  vapour lamp with its fresnel lens and pool of mercury. The new lighthouse just has an electric bulb
And there - that was where I worked before I went University. Dungeness B was just a hole in the ground, then, the biggest hole you can imagine. No, bigger than that. Try harder. 
Every time there was an accident and someone died, the siren went and work stopped for the day. The men living in the huts went to the pub and got drunk. The rest of us got in the buses and went home - dropping off all along the Marsh - through Winchelsea - Rye - Brede - Hastings.

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  1. *Welcome aboard Tom ... Certainly something to muse over next time the siren blares - *Probably tomorrow around 08:56.. (!)

    It'll be that hole in the ground again.. around 1326 - 'They say'


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