Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The 'Auld' Triangle

The '>Auld Triangle<'

'That, which we are always missing' - *One Fer Oliver St John..

Robyn, Marc, Gregory, Phrasah, *Should already be missing it | Know it gone.. ()

The cherished others.. Never knew it | Stood underneath it - OV | POWER

Theorem Z.. Does, has it all down in reverse/pragmatic circularity | Clarity.


  1. 'Out of our conversation - to the screenZ'

    On the ground.. No OV or POWER around it..

    *Bit Loike y'kno' CheKoV the.. (WanKeR)

    ! Xp

  2. * I am an emotional man & proud .. FACT

    * Welcome aboard Mr Botter - I have 'the faith' in you..

    I thoughte it was all getting a bit too..

    * Put yer weight in.. SHoW that X 'pointe and shooter' Dublin style * - those other beys and girls are .. Just English analoguers after all ...


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